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Electronics Migration Program

Elwood-Gettys is committed to long-term customer support, and to preserving the significant installed base of motion control products that effectively serve our customers day in and day out. When it is time to convert to 'state-of-the-art' electronics (due to production requirements, component obsolescence, or some other reason), Elwood-Gettys can provide an economical migration path that allows continued use of existing motors and mechanics.

Elwood-Gettys has teamed with I2T (Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc.;, a designer of state-of-the-art servo amplifiers and controls, to develop drop-in replacements for the Modicon 'Cyberline' Amplifiers and '410' controllers manufactured at the Elwood-Gettys facility in Racine, Wisconsin.

The ability to provide state-of-the-art electronics that preserve the installed Elwood-Gettys-manufactured Modicon motors (as well as the related mechanics such as gearheads, mounting plates, cable assemblies, etc.) results in substantial savings to the end user. Not only is the Elwood-Gettys/I2T solution cost effective, it also reduces downtime to an absolute minimum.

The Elwood-Gettys/I2T team is currently working on electronics migration programs at several Ford, GM, Dunlop Tire, and General Tire plants.

For additional information, please contact:

Linda Richmond - Ext. 413

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