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Modicon Migration Program

All Modicon and Modicon - AEG motors were manufactured at the Elwood-Gettys plant in Racine Wisconsin.

The following table indicates the motor model number, description and list price of Modicon replacement motors. Elwood-Gettys also offers a complete repair service of modicon motors using original factory replacement paths and resolver set up (M - Set).

The most important point, to make, is that Elwood-Gettys supports both the repair and replacement of all Modicon motors. Our commitment to this program is a minimum of ten years.

Elwood-Gettys is committed to providing a complete migration path for Modicon motion systems. We have teamed up with I2T (Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc; Because our migration path allows the user to retain the Elwood-Gettys manufactured Modicon motor substantial savings result.

I2T has extensive experience with Modicon motion systems and has developed drop in replacements for Modicon Cyberline drives and controls.

The team of Elwood-Gettys and I2T can provide the most cost effective migration path for your Modicon motion systems.

This team is currently working at Ford, GM, Dunlop Tire, and General Tire plants.


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