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Motor Refurbishment and Replacement

"If we built it... we can refurbish or replace it."

Elwood-Gettys has been manufacturing motion control equipment in Racine, Wisconsin since the 1960's. During our long history, we have manufactured motors and amplifiers under several different brand names including: Gettys, Gould, Modicon, AEG , and API.

Elwood-Gettys is committed to long-term customer support, and to preserving the significant installed base of motion control products that are effectively serving our customers on a daily basis. Elwood-Gettys actively supports the refurbishment and direct replacement of all motors manufactured at our Racine facility. As the original manufacturer, we can return a motor to original specifications using original factory procedures and components. Elwood-Gettys never uses 'used' or 'rebuilt' components when refurbishing or replacing a motor.

Mission Statement - Refurbish and Replacement:

"To provide repair and replacement services on motors and drives manufactured at the Elwood-Gettys Racine Wisconsin facility with the objective of maximizing the life of the motors and the equipment they support."

Motor 'Refurbishment'

'Refurbishment' involves bringing the entire motor back to 'like new' condition according to original factory specifications. Motors are completely disassembles and evaluated. Seals and bearings are replaced, as are major components (such as resolvers, stators, rotors, and brakes), with new factory-manufactured or specified parts. We even apply a fresh coat of paint! In most cases a completely 'refurbished' motor from Elwood-Gettys, returned to 'like-new' condition by the original manufacturer, costs about the same or even less that a 'repaired' motor from a local motor repair shop.

Refurbished motors carry a 12-Month Limited Warranty. Delivery is seven (7) business days from receipt of approval to proceed.

Motor 'Replacement'

Occasionally a motor is damaged or worn beyond the point at which refurbishment is economically feasible. In this case, Elwood-Gettys can manufacture a brand new replacement motor to original specifications.

Replacement motors carry a 12-Month Limited Warranty. Delivery is four (4) to sixteen (16) weeks, depending upon motor type.

Large User Refurbish/Replacement Program

Customers with a significant installed base (i.e. more than 50 Elwood-Gettys motors) are encouraged to check out our Large User Refurbish/Replacement Program for significant savings and special incentives.

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