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Directional Control Valve

Complete line of "Directional" and "Pressure Control" Valves high pressure, mill duty 95/5 HWCF and water hydraulics

Available in both complete valve or ISO/DIN-type cartridges

Product range flow rates capability from 20 LPM to 40,000 LPM at 410 bar

2-Way Valve

"ISO-LOCK® Isolation Valve" features single lever, 90-degree actuation for isolation of all 4 ports. NFPA & CETOP 05, 08
& 10 mounting interfaces


Over 50 years design expertise (formerly known as Nordberg, R. D. Wood and Elmes)

First water hydraulic valve manufacturer to supply a full range of valves utilizing DIN/ISO Cartridge/logic element configuration.


Packed Spool Directional Control Valves, 4-Way
  • flows from 26 to 120 LPM
  • pressures to 410 bar
  • NFPA D05, ANSI D02, CETOP 5 Mounting
Poppet-Type Directional Control Valves, 2, 3 & 4-way
  • high flow, low pressure drop
  • space-saving, small footprint
  • manifold-mounted, NPT, socket weld or flanged
  • flows to 6100 LPM
  • built-in flow control
  • meter-in or meter-out
  • with air pilot actuation or direct solenoid-actuated pilot
  • flows from 8 to 3800 LPM
  • 415-bar pressure
Proportional Pressure Control Valves, 3-way
  • for roll balance/bending, pressure contouring, installations requiring precision pressure control with fast response
  • high flow/fast response
  • 415-bar pressure
  • electric auto control
Proportional Flow Control Valves
  • high response
  • pressures to 415 bar
  • flows to 1500 LPM
  • manifold-mounted, inline & cartridge versions
For descaling, pump bypass and shut-off service
  • Pump Bypass Valve
    • "Fail-Open" design
    • individually sized DIN orifice cartridges
    • 9 - 16 major pressure drop areas
    • cavitation eliminated with multi-staging
  • Unloading Valves
    • contaminant-tolerated
    • easy, top-down maintenance
    • drop-tight sealing
    • flow rates to 11,500 LPM
    • working pressures to 420-bar
  • Header Prefill Valve Assemblies
    • keep descaling header and pipelines full of water, minimizing hydraulic shock
    • customized to fit your application
Accumulator Safety Shut-Off Valves
  • protects accumulator system by preventing loss of gas, air or nitrogen ballast
  • accidental opening of valve is prevented because of balanced condition must exist before valve can be opened by pilot pressure
  • closes at low fluid level and/or upon rupture of main line
  • pressures to 210-bar or 410-bar
  • capacities to 19,000 LPM
  • ANSI Standard flanges, others optional
Throttle Valves for weighted-accumulators (Consult Factory)
  • non-crash, safety type
  • automatically controlled
  • reduce maintenance down-time by allowing a central hydraulic system to maintain its pressure and operating functions while isolating non-functional valves for quick repair and/or replacement
  • single lever-controlled
  • for all NFPA D0/CETOP-mounted directional control valves
  • bolted separately to manifold for removal of valves without affecting system operation
  • hydraulic fluid does not have to be bled from system
  • cylinders can remain under external load without having to be blocked
Inline Stop-Type Hydraulic Valve (Consult Factory)
  • 6" 6K Valve with Hydraulic-Assist
  • Directional & Pressure Control Isolation Valves
Check Valves (Consult Factory)
  • Pilot-Operated Check
    • 83 LPM, 210 & 410-bar
    • NFPA D05, ANSI D02, CETOP 5 Mounting
    • stainless steel internals, steel body
  • Inline Check-Type Hydraulic Valve
  • Check Valve, manifold-mounted
    • for dependable service under severe, high pressure operating conditions
Cartridge Valves, Directional Control, Pressure Relief/Reducing,
Sequence, Stop, Throttling, Descale, Check
  • sizes 16 to 100 ISO 7368/DIN 24342
  • 210 - 410-bar working pressure
  • flows to 56,000 LPM
  • drop-tight sealing
  • polymer dynamic seals do not cross ports
  • built-in deceleration and shock alleviation
  • includes Accumulator and Level Indicator Assembly
  • includes Stop & Shut-Off Valves
  • includes Accumulator Safety Shut-Off Valve
  • includes Accumulator Control System
  • includes Pumps & Compressors
  • includes Valve Stands & Systems
  • includes Descaling Valves
  • includes Descaling Headers & Enclosures
  • monitors pump loading, as more pumps are loaded, flow rate increases, maintaining a higher level in the accumulator, providing more constant pressure and available fluid
  • because it provides continuous level, it reduces the required vessel size by between 15 and 30% depending on system parameters
  • designed to provide all control and safety features required for the safe and efficient operation of air/gas/nitrogen-ballasted accumulators
  • pump loading sequence is controlled for up to 6 pumps
  • incorporates discrete level and pressure switches acting directly in the pump and valve circuits to provide redundant safety
  • has microprocessor control to regulate accumulator level by sequencing loading and unloading of the pumps with relay logic back-up.
  • suitable for new or existing installation
  • system stores and records:
    • operating pressure
    • level in percentage
    • pump run time
    • pump load time
    • alarm status
    This can be transmitted for permanent storage into a main frame computer or printed-out if desired.
  • internal microprocessor configured to operate all types of continuous or discrete accumulator level indicators
  • capable of providing a command signal to add high pressure gas/air/nitrogen ballast when required
Billet Descaling Systems
  • high pressure water descaling to improve product quality
Hydrostatic Pressure Test System
  • customized hydrostatic testing of API grade-welded pipe or other pressure controls
  • compresses water to a predetermined programmable pressure maintaining it for a programmed duration
  • 5100 psi maximum working pressure
  • controls to +0 psi/-25 psi
  • designed to deliver 20 gpm of untreated water
  • stored recipe capability
Microprocessor-based Pump Control Unit in Explosion-Proof Enclosure
  • for pump loading and staging control for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • reduces peak power demands and extends pump life by eliminating unnecessary and inefficient short duration pump loading
  • maintains desired operating pressure range
  • enables the system to be operated within a reduced pressure band...for example, within 10% of the maximum system pressure
  • provides for alternating pump loading, distributing pump wear
Decoking Control Valves
  • directs high pressure water to cutting nozzles during delayed coking process in petroleum refineries
  • motor-driven, electro-mechanically synchronized
  • cam-controlled spindle lift
  • operating pressure ranges to 415-bar
  • flow capacities to 7500 LPM
  • easily accessible enclosed cam and gear train
  • integral pressure breakdown orifice
  • drop-tight seat design
Microprocessor Precision Pressure Control System
  • will accurately control hydraulic pressure to +/- 1 psi absolute with repeatability
  • precise control of hydraulic pressure 500 - 6000 psi
  • 1 to 20 gpm
  • designed for hydraulic systems where the pressure must be maintained accurately for long periods of time such as curing presses, synthetic diamond presses, etc.
Analog Valve Controller
  • Analog, high response, linear current output controller
  • complete with power supply
  • no programming, potentiometer set, switchable, integral, differential & proportional

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