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January 7, 2013



Elwood High Performance Motors is proud to introduce F­Series servo motors as authorized drop­in replacements for F­Series motors from Rockwell Automation/Allen­Bradley. As true drop­in replacements, Elwood's F­series servo motors feature original equipment rotors, stators, feedback, and connectivity. Adding identical mounting and dimensions, Elwood's F­Series drop­in without changes to motor data files, tuning parameters, cables, or couplers/adapters. Additionally, Elwood's motors directly replace F­Series motors from ElectroCraft/Reliance Electric and FSM motors from Giddings & Lewis/Kollmorgen. Use the link below to download Elwood F­Series motor specifications and additional information.

OEM Equipment:
Elwood's F­Series is identical to the F­Series that Elwood has been building for Rockwell Automation under a brand label agreement since 2008. Elwood now licenses the technology from Rockwell Automation to build form/fit/function replacements for original F­Series.  The only difference you'll notice is Elwood's trademark on the nameplate.

Long-Term Service and Lifetime Support:
Elwood commits to offering lifetime support without obsolescence to OEM's and end users with needs for new motors and rebuild service on their installed base. As with all Elwood products, rebuilds and OEM component parts are always available. Elwood will gladly rebuild your existing F­Series motors (regardless of the motor's original manufacturer) to "as new" condition with the same one­year warranty included on all Elwood motors.

Elwood F­Series motors are available through any Rockwell Automation distributor For additional information on your discount and how to purchase Elwood Motors contact Elwood Customer Service directly at 262­637­ 6591.

Encompass Partnership:
F­Series motors are the latest addition to Elwood's partnership with Rockwell Automation through Rockwell's Encompass Product Partner program. Elwood offers indefinite support for F­Series, N­Series, H­Series, W­Series, S­Series, and 1326AS servo motors originally manufactured by Rockwell Automation.


F­Series Specifications: http://www.elwood.com/dF_Mtr_Data.pdf
F­Series Pricing: http://www.elwood.com/dFSeriesPricing.pdf
Technical information on ALL Rockwell legacy servos supported by Elwood:  http://www.elwood.com/rockwell.shtml

Elwood produces High Performance Motors in its 80,000 square foot facility in Racine, Wisconsin.  Elwood is the original equipment producer of servo motors under the label of Gettys, Modicon, AEG, Gould, and API.

Elwood Corporation is an Engineering-Manufacturing company with product lines including servo motors, hydraulic valves, photoelectric controls, proportional solenoids and high voltage capacitors.  Elwood, founded in 1973, has facilities in Oak Creek, WI; Racine, WI; Cedarburg, WI and Dalian, China.


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