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The Elwood Corporation was founded in 1973 by
Robert E. Larsen. For more than 30 years we have
been dedicated to providing technology, through
products and systems, to industry. The Elwood
Corporation is comprised of several groups that
design and manufacture various equipment for a
wide range of industrial applications.

Elwood High Performance Motors (formerly Gettys) is a manufacturer of servo and stepper motors. In addition to the support of legacy motors and drives (manufactured under the Gettys and Modicon names) Elwood-Gettys specializes in high IP rated servo motors for severe environments such as wash down, explosion proof and food grade.

Elwood Fluid Power designs and manufactures high pressure hydraulic valves and systems for water, soluble oil, and other low viscosity applications. The primary markets include steel and aluminum mills, petroleum decoking and forging press industries.

Elwood Wyco is a manufacturer of industrial flexible shaft machines. These machines are appropriate for a wide variety of jobs. They find wide use in the tire buffing industry for their rugged long life. Applications include, but are not limited to, grinding, polishing and fish descaling.

Elwood HVC manufactures the largest variety of high voltage, disc style ceramic capacitors in the industry. Elwood's capacitors are used world wide for a variety of purposes. Common applications include: high voltage power supplies, x-ray generators, eletronic fences, high-frequency tuning equipment, and many others.

Elwood Electronic products includes the following:
Elwood Autotron
AManufacturer of heavy duty photoelectric controls.

Elwood Coil
AManufacturer of proportional solenoids.

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